About IRWC World ONLINE Conference

The International Recovery, Wellness and Coaching Conference (IRWCC Conference) is an international ONLINE  conference event with a focus on coaching and behavioural health.

The IRWC Conference mission is to improve access to new coaching and behavioural health approaches, skills, frameworks, services and technology for anyone working in the healthcare field.

The focus is finding new and effective ways to improve peoples recovery and wellbeing.

Who should attend?

The conference is for anyone working in healthcare, health, wellbeing or therapeutic services delivery and organisational development and management.

Coaches, Therapists, Psychologists, Counsellors, Doctors, Health Service Executives, Service delivery managers, Charities, Community Organisations, Policy makers, HR’s, Organisational Consultants.

Where is it?

The conference takes place ONLINE.

When does the ONLINE conference start?

The ONLINE conference sessions take place in October and November 2023 across several time zones and consists over 40 presenter led live webinars.

Does the conference have a specialist focus?

The conference welcomes and includes all topics, perspectives, knowledge and skills related to health challenges and ways to develop recovery and wellness using coaching. This cuts across all socioeconomic groups and cultural contexts.

There are 4 main tracks at this years conference:

Diabetes/Hypertension/Obesity cluster

Probably the most impactful set of healthcare challenges when it comes to impact on our health services, families lives, communities and economies. This cluster explores what can be done to improve outcomes of recovery and develop prevention

Mental Health/Substance/Behaviour Misuse/Addiction cluster

This cluster wreaks high profile damage to families and communities. Because there is a correlation with crime and anti-social behaviour these types of healthcare challenges get different kinds of headlines in our cultures. We focus on the challenges of developing multi modal pathways to initiating recovery, supporting families and how recovery driven community led partnerships with treatment services offer exciting prospects for the future.

Managing Recovery to Wellness for Organizations

This track explores the growing realization that employee recovery from ill to better health is foundational to organizational development objectives and in the private sector, shareholder value. It will share ideas and new thinking, from leveraging wellness programme to raise more boats to health as the core component of organizational leadership.

Professional Recovery to Wellness Coaching

This track explores the relationship of coaching to the development of recovery for individuals and within a wider systems context. It will look at the profession of coaching as a new engagement tool and strategy within previously defined no go areas of healthcare recovery and set that within the variety of coaching skillsets (business, executive, life). Topics include professional development, best practice, bridging to other therapeutic practices and the business case.

How often will the IRWCC take place?

The IRWCC World ONLINE will take place every year. Adding new knowledge, experience, insight and practical tools.

Key Aims

To bring together the worlds pioneers in coaching, behavioural research, neuroscience, approaches to building recovery and wellness and the services that deliver them, to share their knowledge, insight and practical skills.

To develop a growing resource of knowledge and practical tools, frameworks and skills available to anyone interested in developing their own practice or their organisations effectiveness. We place all this material and it will available for registered users.

How it works

All materials created from the conference sessions, both the face to face and the online sessions are collated and placed in the IRWCC library where they are accessible as a mix of audio, video and downloadable written materials to all registered delegates.

In this way the IRWCC will create an ongoing resource for learning that can be integrated into the practice of coaches and healthcare practitioners, organisations and service providers.

Between the conference periods the IRWCC team will run a regular series of live webinars with some of the best leaders in the field to continue building our knowledge base of how we can increase our practice and effectiveness as coaches and healthcare practitioners.

Who can benefit from attending?

Any person or organisation involved in working to help people make changes in their lives, recover from health challenges, in particular behavioural related health conditions.

Registered delegates will find practical knowledge, tools, tips and frameworks all in one place after the conference.

We look forward to seeing you and hearing you during the conference.

If you might have any questions, kindly do not hesitate to contact us directly at


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