Being an IRWCC Partner

Become an IRWCC Conference partner

Here is what IRWC Conference will do for you and what we ask in return.

We will:

  • Place your organisational logo/company in our partners section on the website
  • Provide a link from your logo to a partner page on the conference site which you can provide content for.
  • Share your partnership with IRWCC in our marketing mix, so social media, LinkedIn etc,
  • Put your logo/company on all our newsletter and conference email communications
  • Put your logo/company name on all our online webinar sessions
  • Allocate to you a webinar session during the online conference
  • Set you up with an affiliate link which, in short, means that you can get a percentage of sales for any paid for conference registrations that we get via your communications to your community.
  • Give you a coupon for 100% discount on registrations for the Online Conference access for 20 people.

We ask that you:

  • Make your community, clients, employees, etc. aware of your partnership and involvement with IRWC Conference through your communication channels, i.e. newsletter, special email and of course social media and placing our logo on your websites.
  • That you pass on to us any organisations or business that you think might be willing to sponsor or also partner with IRWCC (obviously they would need to be a ‘fit’. We won’t be taking sponsorship from McDonald’s for instance.)
  • Let us know of any organisations or community groups, charities, not for profits etc. that you think would benefit from access to the library but who cannot afford it or have restricted budgets. We can facilitate access for them.
  • Make a donation to the conference project (please ask for details)

Finally, we need all the support we can get right now so anything that you feel you can assist with that is not on the list above would be extremely welcome.

Please let me know if you would like to become a partner along these lines and we can get you set up right away.

Some more info for partners

As we are getting more and more international interest it is becoming clear to us that the plan to develop an ongoing library resource of ideas, skills, experience and knowledge flowing out of a wide range of experienced mainly coaching professionals innovating in the field of human health, is an idea whose time has come.

And of course there’s also a huge benefit for people who are struggling with health challenges and who will also find useful tools, ideas and approaches to help them.

So we can add real benefit to many people.

The premise of this project is simple.

Bring together as many experts and people working in all aspects of coaching around human health and well being. Add in expertise from a wide range of approaches to behaviour change, human well being and setting up organisations and services. Do this internationally and cross culturally.

Share it as widely as possible to those interested, in need and working in the field.

Refresh and update annually through a conference period which is last 2 weeks of Nov each year.

The IRWC Conference is a not for profit project set up by the International Recovery, Wellness and Coaching Certification Board, a non profit company based in the UK and US.

Founder statement by Anthony Eldridge-Rogers

"When I started working as a coach and then bringing coaching into working with people recovering from addiction I realised that what coaching and the coaching principles had to offer was just too significant to put behind economic barriers.

I determined that, whilst we know resources are needed to make projects viable, I would not let the lack of money keep anyone away from engaging. To that end we have provided over 300 fully/part  funded scholarships to new coaches in the recovery and wellness field.

My approach follows through for the IRWCC Conference and it’s ‘library’. Whilst we need to maintain and economic model for the conference that allows it to properly funded going forwards I also do not want to turn anyone without resources away."