An Integrative and Eclectic approach to Emotional wellness using nature, arts and travel in mental health therapy

Session Summary:

The presentation introduces TATVA; an organisation promoting and celebrating conscious self exploration, emotional vulnerability and authenticity. It also mixes therapy with travelling experiences.

TATVA is client centred, collaborative and inclusive; it’s born out of the need for a myriad of spaces where therapeutic work can take place in a professional, supportive and safe environment.

TATVA’s aim is to cultivate a sense of curiosity about our selves and our lives, in the age of distractions and quick fixes.

The therapeutic work at TATVA contemplates questions like: How do we bring a sense of immensity, vastness and calm in our lives? How do we create meaning and purpose? How can we be more present and engaged in our relationships?

The relationships built between therapists and clients is central to our work. Building on the ideology of nature and art therapies, we create individually and group tailored programs for us and our clients to enter into natural spaces: wherein we work together to explore what matters to our clients and process their emotional experiences.

With the additional and catalytic element of psychotherapy we offer in one to one and group settings; there is an increased opportunity for dialogue, process, understanding and discussions about how our clients relate to themselves, others and the world.

Our framework is designed to make emotional wellness and self development available and far reaching. 

In this sessions we will set out the followings key points/learnings/ideas:


Highlighting the affinity of arts and psychotherapy



Reflective self exploration though travel and natural spaces



Prioritising strong therapeutic relationships 



Encouraging relational awareness of self, others and the world



Working with the whole spectrum of mental health



Session Takeaways, gifts and links…


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