The challenges faced when Implementing Recovery Coaching within an existing clinical  treatment setting.

Session Summary:

Recovery Coaching is a new and exciting  skill set that could have a major impact on treatment outcomes, when dealing with addiction related issues and treating substance misuse disorder there are many challenges that are faced not only for the patients but also for the multidisciplinary team that serves its patients.

In this talk I will be discussing some of the challenges faced when trying to implement this new service to improve treatment outcomes. It’s a lot harder than I initially thought and my experience can be a learning for others in what works and what we struggled.

Participants will take away a model to assist them in identifying gaps within their therapeutic environment and how Recovery Coaching can assist them in improving treatment outcomes for their clients but also how teams can better work together in assisting their service users.


BLUE-CIRCLE150x50How to implement Recovery Coaching as an additional skill set to improve treatment outcomes



What not to do !!!



How to measure success


four50x49When to refer to a treatment professional and NOT a coach


FIVE50x49Understanding the systemic impact and dealing with fall out



Session Takeaways, gifts and links…


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