The Paradigm Shift: The Movement from Drug and Alcohol Treatment to the Coaching Model

Session Summary:

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in the standard sense has a huge failure rate.

It has a revolving door system with the same clients going back and repeating the same treatment and it doesn’t address the need of the client after treatment when they return to the same sick environment they left.

What if the client had a cheerleader, a coach that would assist them in all facets of their lives in the real world?

And more importantly what if it works? Then it changes the entire treatment paradigm as we know it.

Guess what? It is and it is happening.

In this session we will explore:


What is the difference between coaching, sober companions, therapy and sponsorship?



Why the 11 Core Competencies assist a client in propelling hem forward in their lives to make big changes



Who are the sharks, tuna and dolphin in the industry and how to swim with the dolphins and avoid the shark and tuna



How to market yourself as a Recovery Coach or Addictions Coach



Why training in the coaching model for addiction is imperative and the wave of the future and how to align yourself in the market to help others



Session Takeaways, gifts and links…


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