Effective Treatment of Addiction and Trauma for Older Men: A Clinical and Spiritual Perspective

Session Summary:

Effective addiction and trauma treatment for older men reduces physical and emotional symptoms and facilitates a sense of well being through spiritual awareness.

This requires a safe environment, credentialed and experienced clinicians and a curriculum specific for men. The program must help them discover their authentic Self through mindfulness and meditation.

In this session we will explore:


Participants will have an understanding of the importance of a safe, trauma-informed environment to facilitate effective treatment of addiction and trauma for older men



Participants will gain insights into the challenges of treating addiction and trauma with an older male population



Participants will learn strategies to avoid compassion fatigue when working with addicts who also suffer from trauma and co-occurring mental disorders



Participants will learn about typical symptoms and chief complaints reported by older men who suffer from addiction and trauma



Participants will understand why a spiritual awareness of one’s authentic Self is vital in the successful reduction of symptoms in older men who suffer from addiction and trauma 


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