Working with Recovery from a Systemic Viewpoint: What are the many internal selves supporting or hindering recovery?


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Session Summary:

What are the many internal selves supporting or hindering recovery?

We are not a single consciousness, but we are a system of different sub personalities.  We are like a gemstone with many different facets (sub personalities) which come into the light at different times. 

This has implications for working with addictions.  From the systemic perspective, each addict has internal selves that are addicted, but he/she also has selves which long for recovery, selves that may want to sabotage recovery etc.  When we work with addicts it is helpful to recognize that their addiction is not all of who they are. 

It is possible to identify and work directly with many other healthy aspects of their internal system many of which are excellent allies to recovery.

In this experiential webinar, we will use an exercise to explore the different subpersonalities that can be at play in our own addictions.  Participants will leave with a systemic viewpoint on working with addictions, and a tool for identifying and mapping out different internal selves that impact the recovery experience.

BLUE-CIRCLE150x50The Systemic Approach to supporting Addictions Recovery; a holonic approach to different systems involved in an Addicts recovery
RED-CIRCLE250x50Practice a tool (Paper Constellation) that looks at the different sub personalities within an addict during his/her recovery
BLUENEW350x50Examine the relationships between the different sub personalities within a recovering addict and how they can support or sabotage recovery
four50x49Question and answer period for use of the tool