For Recovery and Wellness Coaches


If you are here then it means you are a Recovery Coach or a Wellness Coach or both! I

t also means I have looked at your profile and see we share some of the same vision for working to support people to build and maintain recovery to wellness journeys.

I am, as you can probably see from my Linkedin profile, passionate about coaching and in particular bringing coaching further into healthcare. I am also very biased towards collaboration!

This is why we will be running the 2nd International conference called the IRWCC

The overall title of the conference is “Bringing Coaching into Recovery, Wellness and Healthcare”

Perhaps you would interested to participate either as a delegate or maybe you would consider contributing to one of our panels if we can make a connection and agree on what that might look like?

Or perhaps connection via an organisation you are part of? We have options for partnerships, sponsorship and affiliate marketing. And we have a growing panel of speakers across a wide range of topics and expertise.

Our conference approach is collaborative. We aim to do two things.

First to create an experience of collaborative learning so we coaches can all improve our work, networking and effectiveness.

Second to build community that allows us all to bring greater positive impact to improving recovery and wellness coaching as a key and powerful resource for people wishing to transform their lives.

I am really looking forward to meeting you.

Kind regards,

Anthony Eldridge-Rogers CEO / Founder – Foundation for Recovery & Wellness Coaching International :


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