Loss & grief; what to do when your life changes

Session Summary:

‘loss is an integral part of an individual’s life, which will remain a part of their life until death’.
(Bower 1980)

We typically think about loss in relation to loss by death, however we will experience many types of loss in one way or another in many ways through our lives, and grief is our individual reaction to those losses.

For many people those responses will be familiar, but for some they will be hidden as not everyone will able to share or show their grief; there are a variety of grief models that have been published which help to make sense of those experiences.

In addition, I’d like to share some of my experience and learning, as both a clinical practitioner and a coach, that relates to the different dimensions of loss, grief models and what my professional and personal experience has taught me

In this session we will explore:


Different dimensions of loss and grief



Awareness of ways people may deal with loss and grief



Grief models and responses, complicated grief



Reflective practice, for clinical practitioners and coaches working with loss and grief



Reflective practice exercises / questions related to working with loss and grief



Session Takeaways, gifts and links…


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