How can an integrative approach support sustainable change when working with clients in recovery?

Session Summary:

In this session we will be looking at integrating the disciplines of coaching and therapy offering the client a combined intervention. When working with clients it is possible that internal conflicts and past obstacles can interfere with their ability to achieve desired goals.

Using an integrative approach allows the practitioner to work with the whole of the person whatever the presentation, the focus being on past, present or future, dependent on client need.

It is a conversational driven session designed to offer a greater insight and understanding of integrative practice with a particular focus on recovery from illness and health challenges. We will consider both theory and practical application giving an in-depth introduction to this way of working.


In this session we will explore:


Increase knowledge of integrative practice



Develop understanding of the similarities and differences of integrative practice with a coaching or counselling approach



Reflect on personal experience and how it links to an integrative approach



Increase awareness of boundaries and contracting within an integrative relationship



Explore the relevance of integration in relation to recovery



Session Takeaways, gifts and links…


This where we will make available to you valuable and useful materials that will support the session. Check back here once the session is over to see what is available.