What do we know really works in addiction treatment and how can this improve recovery and wellness?

Session Summary:

This session will review the lessons learned from the past 30 years of addiction treatment in the United States from the perspective of an addiction treatment provider, John Hamilton.

The presenter will draw upon his work with the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) as well as his experience over the past 30 years as an addiction counselor, family therapist and CEO of one of the most comprehensive treatment systems in the United States, Recovery Network of Programs.

The presenter will identify the key elements of an effective addiction treatment system and how to successfully implement these principles and practices into the audience’s respective settings.

In this session we will explore:


Identify the most significant evidence based treatment practices in addiction treatment



Define a recovery oriented system of care



Identify what has been shown not to be effective (and at times harmful) to the recovery process



Understand the importance of the culture of a system in promoting a recovery lifestyle



Understand the importance of utilizing principles of implementation science in adopting new

practices in recovery