Journey to Wellness and Purpose

Session Summary:

When Louise started her career in the City of London as a lawyer, she knew the sacrifices the long hours would entail.  What she had underestimated was the cost to her health.  Faced with serious illness, she vowed to live differently.  

This in turn set her off on a 15 years quest to find her purpose and to live a fulfilling life.  This search led her to change career, to do the backpacking thing in search of spiritual awakening, to set up her own business… twice, to experience great lifestyles by living in San Francisco and Chamonix, to attend an unbelievable amount of personal development courses and to set up a social enterprise with her life partner. What she found in the end was a new approach to living and working  – beyond the traditional models.  

The first step however was to recover – even though the medical profession told her they couldn’t help her.

In this session, participants will learn:


How illness can be a pivotal moment to something better



How she used self-coaching and personal development as a tool to support her recovery



Her 5 pillar approach to emotional wellness at work



Session Takeaways, gifts and links…


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