Moving from Recovery to Wellness in Organizations

Joyce Odidison – PCC, CTDP

Founder of the Wellness Improvement Coach Training Program


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Session Summary:

This session will show new and creative ways for employees to maintain well-being so they can be resilient and enjoy life and work. It will examine the road from recovery to wellness and share tips and strategies to move through this transition.

It will look at factors that are impacting wellness at work and how organizations and employees can partner to make their workplaces vibrant, life giving and healthy places to work and learn.

Joyce will show how to use the wellness improvement system model as a framework for having wellness conversations at work and for fostering workplace wellness and resilience.

Participants will have an opportunity to assess their wellness and gain strategies to improve their wellness.

In this session we will explore:


Using the Wellness Improvement System model to aid recovery and wellness



Mastering emotional fortitude at work through recovery



Mental wellness and Recovery at work



Using wellness conversations to aide recovery



Creating a resilient workplace