Mindful Compassionate Coaching: turning towards the difficult for flourishing in challenging times

Liz Hall – Coach and Mindfulness Trainer

Award-winning journalist, coach and mindfulness teacher/trainer

Session Summary:

In this session, we will explore the benefits and practicalities of working with mindfulness and compassion in coaching- and any other helping profession- to enable our clients (and ourselves) to turn towards difficulty during challenging times.

Rather than being self-indulgent or opening up Pandora’s box, Mindful Compassionate coaching allows for safe insightful exploration, opening up to healing, growth, and transformation.

In addition to making the case for this approach in general for enhanced wellbeing, Liz shares her framework, FELT, for mindful compassionate enquiry in practice.

In this session, participants will:


You will understand what mindfulness and compassion/self compassion are, particularly from a coaching perspective, and what they have to offer clients and coaches, particularly around coping and flourishing in challenging times


You will learn some mindfulness practices to share with clients and help you prepare and reflect before and after meeting clients



You will learn the FELT framework to use with clients



You will gain access to an MP3 file of Liz leading a Body Scan mindfulness practice



Session Takeaways, gifts and links…


This is where we will make available to you valuable and useful materials that will support the session. Check back here once the session is over to see what is available.