Reclaim the Food Addicted Brain: Coach for Lifelong Recovery

Session Summary:

This presentation will explore the psychobiological foundation underlying the groundbreaking new science of food addiction.

We will present the unique neuroscience describing how, in vulnerable brains, hyperpalatable (sugary/fatty/salty) food products cause changes in both the reward and executive centers.

An integrative approach to detox and lifelong recovery will be presented highlighting the powerful effect of epigenetics on shaping long term outcome.

Participants will learn coaching tools and techniques to optimize mental, nutritional and physical fitness and wellbeing

In this session we will explore:


Learn the essential scientific basics underlying addiction in general, and then food and addiction specifically



Identify key psychological characteristics of people vulnerable to addiction, for the purpose of focused coaching



Identify the three foundational elements of addiction-focused integrative coaching



Comprehend the science and coaching skills needed to effectively manage transfer addictions



Understand how to apply recovery coaching to any addictive behavior