Resilience and its role in Recovery and Well-Being

Session Summary:

Resilience is a key factor in Recovery and Well-Being initiatives of all types.

What is resilience and why is it an important factor in today’s uncertain climate? How does resilience enhance confidence, creativity and increase individual stamina?

What benefits do individuals and organizations gain from becoming more resilient? With employee engagement a key factor in driving success and with reducing stress related absence.

With clinical conditions such as depression and anxiety on the increase, coaching can help individuals and organizations ensure they meet the challenges of 21st century by ensuring the well-being of individuals.

In this session, participants will:


An understanding of a Cognitive Behavioural Coaching Resilience Model



   Awareness of what resilience is and is not



Insight into why resilience is an important skill to develop



A range of strategies to help develop resilience



Information on a range of resources



Session Takeaways, gifts and links…


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