Software and Addiction – the Human Element

Session Summary:

In most western countries we are looking at an epidemic of heath related issues.

While commercial companies must take some responsibility the truth is that unless people are nudged and empowered to take responsibility for their own lives then any positive major change will take years which we don’t have.

One way we could speed up change is by becoming more effective at helping each other.

In the same way that the GPS has transformed peoples experience of driving, the next generation of coaching software will transform individual’s ability to help each other.

By combining the effect of personal presence with powerful problem solving processes there is the possibility of a step change in the availability and effectiveness of addiction coaching.

In the session we will be looking at one such programme and discussing the pros and cons of using software in training coaches and distance coaching. 

Participants are invited to watch a real session using technology to coach on smoking reduction at the following link


The technical requirements for distance coaching



The types of health related issues that are most amenable to the distance coaching approach



How ‘expert helper’ knowledge can be leveraged and shared using technology



The opportunities to scale addiction coaching using technology



How technology can support coach development



Session Takeaways, gifts and links…




 Coaching and addiction PDF of Slides


An example of a real coaching session using technology to help someone give up smoking can be found HERE