Helen Cash, MSc – Director, Group Aspire Ltd.

UK leader in public services

Helen Cash, MSc – Director, Group Aspire Ltd.

UK leader in public services


Helen is a UK leader in public services change. Her background in leadership within criminal justice, community development, housing and social inclusion has contributed to her career in driving forward solutions for effective services to the public. Working up to Cabinet Office level, Helen is a leading UK expert in partnership, diversity and preventative approaches including crime reduction and community cohesion (adults and young people).

A recognised expert in delivering performance based strategy, tools and consulting into the Public Sector at local through to national level, Helen is known for her ability to create high performing teams, as well as design and deliver highly respected solutions to challenges in the delivery of public services. 

Helen’s works include originating highly successful national models for working with risk and complexity for the Home Office, Justice, Health, as well as Communities and Local Government. Her interests stem from her concern for the empowerment of people to enable them to aspire to a future that adds to their, and others, quality of life.


Cabinet Office Criminal Justice Lead for Social Exclusion Task Force (Adults Facing Chronic Exclusion – ACE Programme) Originator of the Intergenerational impact of chronic exclusion model.  Originator of the chronic exclusion dynamic risk factors.

Criminal Justice leader in design, development, implementation & inspection of national “Supporting People Programme” Developer of partnerships model implemented for Supporting People in London and for the Cabinet Office ACE Programme.

HM Inspector of Probation – National (including Joined up inspection & Audit, and advisor to Audit Commission) Youth Offending Team Inspector, Probation Inspector and cross cutting multi-disciplinary inspections including Ofsted.  Chair of Young Women’s YOI housing group – Home Office

Originator of the National Housing Needs Assessment Model Published by Home Office 2001 (Helen retains Intellectual Copyright) Adopted by Prison Service as preferred model.

Co-Originator of FRAMES® – Person-Centred engagement and personal development system – Gcloud

Association of London Government Lead & Advisor on programme Risk Management (Including Public Protection, Crime Prevention, Risk of Harm Management and safeguarding) for transformation of Rehabilitation Services through ‘Supporting People’

Leader of ground-breaking and successful Housing & Welfare Rights Team (achieved 80% reduction in homelessness including youth homelessness and resulting in only crime reducing probation area in London at the time). This team was the exemplar model for anti-poverty strategy, which informed the national “Supporting People Programme” Commissioner of Youth Homelessness research and originator of ‘Time for Youth’ Programme. Co-founder of Focus E15 Young Peoples Foyer project and Redbridge Foyer.

West Kent Housing Association Chair. The First HA to achieve “3 Stars Excellent” ranking in Audit Commission inspection

Professional Community and Youth Worker – University of London Goldsmiths

Mentor for Intermediate treatment 13-16 year olds – LB Greenwich A&B Club