Coaching and young people leaving prison – lessons learned

Session Summary:

Spark Inside has worked with over 200 young people in prisons in London and the South East of England using its Hero’s Journey Life Coaching programme. Based on the work of Joseph Campbell, this three-part coaching workshop and subsequent coaching sessions help young people to increase their knowledge of the process of change, gain greater self-awareness of their own personal journey of transformation, including the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and develop a plan to help them to navigate their way forward. 

 Participants report that “doing the Hero’s Journey workshop helped me put my life in perspective – it showed me that I kept falling back to what I knew rather than pushing through to what I really wanted.” Others said that “Working with Spark Inside helps you understand yourself. Without that understanding of yourself and what you want, everything is harder.”

Our vision is to use coaching to facilitate a more productive, fulfilling and rehabilitative culture throughout the criminal justice system. We are also manualising our programmes in a book to share our model and approach with anyone interested in coaching people from disadvantaged backgrounds (from young people in the care system through to veterans)

In this session we will explore:

BLUE-CIRCLE150x50Why and how Spark Inside has applied life coaching within the prison systemThe successes, failures and overall learning of implementing coaching in the prison environment



The successes, failures and overall learning of implementing coaching in the prison environments



Advice for people who want to coach people in prisons or from marginalised sectors of society



Session Takeaways, gifts and links…


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