High Performance Program for Executives and Managers


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Session Summary:

Chris will be outlining his program and offering insight into how it works, the challenges to implementation and the benefits to organisations.

High Performance Program is a personal and professional development program targeted towards the very busy corporate who is challenged physically, mentally and emotionally by the enormous demands of his/her personal and professional responsibilities.  The objective of the program is to assist the employee to more effectively manage his/her lifestyle and optimise energy levels for quality outcomes.

The Program Features:

An introduction into the key principles of lifestyle balance and energy management

Each participant assesses their own current physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health status and outlines an intended destination for each

Audit worksheets in each area of health to identify unhealthy diversions and outline behavioural corrections for more aligned outcomes

Nutritional education which is complimented by the catering of healthy food choices throughout the day   

Exercise and activity component that is suitable for employees    of    all    fitness    levels/experience

A combination of group interactive activities, audio visual components,  story    telling    examples,    flip    chart  information  sharing and workbook exercises

BLUE-CIRCLE150x50How participants gather a greater understanding of how to effectively balance the competing demands of their personal and professional objectives
RED-CIRCLE250x50How participants identify and implement rituals in each area of their personal and professional lives to increase energy levels and improve quality of outcomes
BLUENEW350x50How participants improve their health and well being and become more resilient and productive employees