Home based’ or ‘direct’ therapy and recovery coaching – a new way forward in addiction treatment

David Stanton – Psychotherapist

Owner of EDAS - International psychotherapist, supervisor, consultant, trainer and manager


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Session Summary:

EDAS (Elite De-Addiction Services) is a unique international ‘home based’ or ‘direct’ service taking researched and evidence based addiction treatment to a clients home, or location of their choosing; any where in the world.

I propose to explore it’s advantages and disadvantages re treatment and recovery. EDAS uses an integrative approach with regards to models of psychotherapy and treatment. It does not follow one specific philosophy or methodology; instead a bespoke individual treatment plan is developed with the client.

As it’s a global service we will also look at how ethnicity, tradition and cultural influences are dealt with in the client’s treatment and recovery planning.

EDAS gives the clients access to on the spot 24/7 support from a team of professional medical practitioners and therapists for all areas of treatment and recovery; including intervention, detoxification, psychiatry, intensive psychotherapy, alternative practitioners (yoga, fitness, acupuncture, nutrition, massage, meditation) creative therapists,  relationship and/or family therapists, relapse prevention experts,recovery coaches and comprehensive after care service providers.

Relationships tend to develop more quickly when working one to one, as opposed to the client being part of a group; thus the therapeutic relationships are paramount. The client often feels more relaxed in their own environment and has familiar accessible support; who can all be informed and educated to understand the needs necessary for a healthy recovery.

Home based treatment has the advantage of being able to assess all areas of the clients life; then the changes needed can be put into effect immediately with on-hands professional supervision.

In this sessions we will set out the followings key points/learnings/ideas:


Advantages of Home Based therapy v/s conventional and fragmented modes of therapy



Individualized and Private Service provision



Applicable to different cultures and environments



Creating cohesive treatment methodologies for addiction and any co-occurring medical, psychiatric and social problems


Real-time comprehensive assessment and therapeutic support