Creativity and Wellbeing


Session Takeaways, gifts and links…


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Session Summary:

In this stimulating session, Michael takes a broad look at that most enigmatic of topics, creativity.

And his over riding ambition, even in the short time available, is to persuade participants that not only is creativity an innate human instinct but that this gift is under a sinister threat of extinction if we don’t wake up and act positively in its defence, in the family, in education, and in our adult working lives.

And, furthermore, the most astonishing thing is that this gift is instantly recoverable and together we will discuss ways in which this renaissance is achieved. Ways too where the art of living creatively can return once and for all to the very heart of our lives; to a place where robust health and wellbeing lie.


In this session we will set out the followings:


Health is a creative act



Every human being is innately creative



Creativity and play are powerful learning tools



How creativity can enrich your life



How we can pattern creativity permanently into our lives