Mindfulness-based resilience tools for all: from the workplace to community settings

Session Summary:

This presentation will set out the principles and practical tools for mindfulness-based approaches to enhance personal and professional resilience. Mindfulness has been clinically demonstrated to alleviate stress and depression; and to boost wellbeing and productivity. When integrated with personal coaching and other 1-1 approaches, it is a powerful agent for change – bringing about fundamental shifts in how people manage themselves and their emotions, deal with the inevitable challenges of life, and make wise choices.

We will demonstrate how mindfulness-based resilience tools are applicable in a wide range of settings. In the workplace, they can be effectively applied in group and individual situations, both formally (group mindfulness training, 1-1 mindfulness coaching) and informally (team meetings, performance evaluations, etc.). And in community-based settings they can be enable people facing severe and multiple disadvantages to develop self-esteem and personal agency to overcome the challenges that hold them back from fulfilling their potential.

We will set out three core models that explain what mindfulness-based resilience is, how it works, and how it can be simply applied and adapted to a wide range of situations:

• The ABC of Mindfulness: Awareness, Being with, and Choice
• SCARF model for understanding what triggers stress: Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness and Fairness
• PEACE formula for resilience: Pace, Energy, Acceptance, Choice, Esteem

In presenting these core models, we will also share lots of practical tools that you can easily use and adapt in your personal and professional life – with both yourself and others (teams, direct reports, customers, clients etc.)


In this session we will explore:


Mindfulness – core principles and practices



Resilience – what it means and how to cultivate it



Applying mindfulness-based resilience in the workplace



Applying mindfulness-based resilience in community settings



Three core models for mindfulness based resilience (ABC of mindfulness, SCARF model, PEACE formula for resilience)