Lines in the sand – Understanding the boundaries between coaching and counselling

Session Summary:

The boundaries between coaching and counselling have been debated many times in the past. Some practitioners are adamant that clear boundaries between the two helping approaches need to be identified to reinforce a distinct coaching identity.

Conversely, other practitioners argue that crossover between the helping approaches has been described as fuzzy, blurred, grey and shady. The discussion of boundaries is therefore no longer necessary, as some coaches and counsellors already work in the grey area between approaches.

This session will consider the differences in the supportive relationships provided by coaching and counselling. We will reflect on the boundaries that have been suggested boundaries in the past and whether these boundaries are be consistently applied in practice. 

If the boundaries are not consistent, how do coaches and counsellors decide where the boundaries lie? Do boundaries even matter?

How do you decide? What influences your decision?

Sarah will be discussing her recent research into coaches’ and counsellors’ views of the boundaries between coaching and counselling. She will be discussing the importance of self awareness, knowing where your personal boundaries lie and taking care of your self, whilst supporting others.

In this session we will explore:


How do coaches and counsellors identify boundaries in practice?



Are boundaries anything more than lines in the sand?



Do boundaries even matter?



You don’t know what you don’t know



Keeping your self safe




Session Takeaways, gifts and links…


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