The Neuroscience of Effectiveness: The Consciousness Connection

Session Summary:

In this session we will share BEabove’s model of effectiveness/consciousness called The Seven Levels of Effectiveness.

We will teach the audience about the neuroscience of the effective and non-effective levels and it’s link to consciousness.

We will explore how different levels create different states of being that make it either hard or easy to deal with health challenges and stress.

We will demo/share a tool that will help the audience to become more fully present to their emotional and consciousness states – presence being the key to changing from reactive to creative states.

The presenter is an experienced, certified Neuro Transformational coach and she holds the ICF -PCC credential. She has studied at The Mindsight Institute with Dr. Dan Siegel. and is the author of numerous books.

In this session, participants will:


Learn the neuroscience of creative vs. reactive brain states



Receive a brief overview of the Seven Levels of Effectiveness



Learn a tool for becoming present to stressful and reactive emotions and the ability to change to more effective states of being



Session Takeaways, gifts and links…


This is where we will make available to you valuable and useful materials that will support the session. Check back here once the session is over to see what is available.