Using the BALM Method of Family Recovery to Improve Client Recovery Outcomes

Session Summary:

We have all heard the research, “When the family gets well, the loved one has a better chance.”
So why is it that families are often left out of the treatment equation or provided with a weekend or week long program soon forgotten in the fog of life when their loved one returns from treatment?

Not so long ago, people attended treatment in their own communities and families could attend weekly groups and classes. But with the global reach of treatment today, families are often called only if there is a problem and are rarely prepared to handle the homecoming powerfully.

At Family Recovery Resources, LLC, we change that picture everyday. We work online and on the phone with families from all over the globe, using our signature BALM (Be A Loving Mirror) Family Recovery Method, a program that provides a full year of information, transformation and support for families affected by a loved one’s addiction.

This presentation will provide the what, why and how of our approach, how it is making a difference in families and their loved ones’ lives every day., and how professionals can access it for their clients’ families and for themselves.

BLUE-CIRCLE150x50Family Recovery: A Two-Prong Approach



The BALM (Be A Loving Mirror) Method – What it is and How it works



Information, Transformation, Support – Why All Must Be Included for Optimal Results


four50x49Treatment Centers and other professionals licensing the BALM and watching their clients shift


FIVE50x49The BALM Institute – How to Become A BALM Family Recovery Life Coach and help families blaze the trail to recovery in their homes