You Can’t Teach An Old Dog A New Trick…Or Can You?: The 5 Keys of Neuroplasticity

Session Summary:

In this presentation we will share the neuroscience research on change or neuroplasticity.

We will explore how our old habits are hard to change and we will share a simple and effective tool with the participants that will enable them to remember how to best facilitate change in their own lives.

This tool is called the 5 keys to Neuroplasticity. Through a coaching demo we will make this directly applicable to any changes people wish to make, including fighting stress.

The presenter is an experienced, certified NeuroTransformational coach and she holds the ICF -PCC credential. She has studied at The Mindsight Institute with Dr. Dan Siegel. and is the author of numerous book.

In this session, participants will:


Learn about the neuroscience research on change, also called neuroplasticity



Experience a coaching demo with a new tool that helps them make choices regarding changes they want to implement



Learn about how when we focus on certain things the neural pathways in the brain will reinforce the behavior and the pattern



 Walk away with a hand-out and tool called the 5 Keys to Neuroplasticity that we will demo on a participant



Session Takeaways, gifts and links…


This where we will make available to you valuable and useful materials that will support the session. Check back here once the session is over to see what is available.