Coaching and Survivorship. Reducing the impact of the uncertainty of living with medical challenges and conditions

Andrew A Parsons PhD, ACC, PMC – Coach

Executive and Medical Coach. Founder and Director Reciprocal Minds Limited a Wellbeing and Performance Consultancy

Session Summary:

A survivor is someone who continues to prosper in the face of hardships and setbacks. This definition is very broad -we all face daily hardships and setbacks, and many of us would not consider ourselves as survivors. However, the impact of medical challenges can change perspectives dramatically.

There are 2 million people living with or beyond cancer currently in the UK with this number is expected to grow to 4 million by 2030. There are 110,000 strokes in the UK every year and of those who survive the initial crisis about half of these people require support with their activities of daily living. There will be 1 million people living with dementia in the UK by 2025. People who survive these life-changing challenges are not the only ones impacted by the condition. Their families and carers are also impacted.

Patients, family members and carers often struggle with a range of emotional and physical challenges and often need to re-adjust their goals and expectations to successfully cope and eventually thrive in their lives again.

Coaching offers a range of opportunities to support clients in creating clarity to re-adjust successfully.

Andrew A Parsons is a Coach who has over 8 years experience of working with people living with medical challenges. He has been working for over a year offering support to patients in The Fountain Centre, St Luke’s Cancer Service at the Royal Surrey Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Andrew also works with the Transverse Myelitis Society. He is a certified Professional Medical Coach, a qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist (CH) and Energy Practitioner. A pilot study using the CH approach has just published a pilot study of this approach in Mental Health Reviews (2015, 20(3), p199).


In this session we will explore:


Outlining the scope of the challenge in Survivorship. Identifying the impact on patients, families and carers



Building “Presence” as a coach – allowing work at deep emotional and personal levels



A Medical Coaching Process that supports Emotional and Mental Resilience


four50x49Embodiment as an approach to resilience


FIVE50x49Sharing an outline of a Precision Healthcare approach. Bringing the right personal support to increase “self-activation”.