International Recovery to Wellness Coaching Conference (IRWCC)

Join international leading experts for the groundbreaking coaching conference of the year.

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IRWCC World ONLINE Conference has been extended!

We have had so much interest from international speakers and delegates we have extended the conference again! 

Sessions now run to 11th Dec 2015

In the next decade coaching is going to be one of the biggest players in healthcare.

Find out how it can transform your professional life or organisation.



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“Bringing Coaching into Recovery, Wellness and Healthcare.”

Our presenter list is approaching 50

Reaching over 15,000 people worldwide…and growing

Presenters from 6 continents

How the IRWCC can create results for you:

Our presenters are some of the most experienced coaches, behavioural experts and service delivery leaders in the field of healthcare.

From them learn about the latest research, skills & programmes that are changing the paradigm of how recovery and wellness happens.

Changing human health affects all of us.

Whether you have been working on the field for years or have just entered it the IRWCC offers valuable content, practical tools, compelling ideas and the latest frameworks that can leverage your professional work.

Wherever you are in the world you can benefit from the ONLINE conference.

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